Real Estate

Real estate of any kind of business -- commercial, residential, you name it, even insurance and building, our CRM can handle everything. Tracking down leads, financing, commercial or residential lending, our CRM can be used throughout the real estate industry. Property management? Yes, our CRM can cover you, too.
Real estate CRM can help commercial and residential businesses, property management and more -- CRM software powers many of the largest real estate systems in the world. Customers today are used to online access to detailed market information and listings and have the abililty to quickly compare realty providers, properties, and submit offers and bids. All buyers start their searches for a new home on the Internet, and over half find their home online. Buyers and sellers use agents, and everyone in the process can use a customer relationship management software solution. Real estate CRM spans a variety of software packages and specialized applications, but general use CRM is the highest value add to the real estate industry. Cogmento real estate CRM is a game changer, offering more specialized features that help capture more leads and have total visibility on the pipeline. With the CRM you will be able to indentify and solicit prospects with personalized, relevant marketing information, building up a relationship with the customers.

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