Independent Sales

Our CRM is excellent for helping independent sales representatives increase productivity by providing simple to use CRM automation tools and dashboards. Independent sales representatives can increase sales by over 30% by using our CRM, just tracking contacts and companies alone. With all of the other automation tools that we have to offer our CRM will boost your bottom line.

CRM can help independent sales consultants to organize multiple clients and projects. As a sales professional, you manage everything yourself, work in different locations and client sites, and have information in various places. With a cloud CRM, it is easy to control everything and keep all of these moving parts working and you on top of your game. CRM lets you take your data with you anywhere, automation, and mobility. Getting the right notifications about meetings one day and one hour before, managing multiple calendars, and automating calls with our click-to-call features are just a couple of great things that help independent sales professionals every day. Everything is organized with our CRM, with an easy to use sales pipeline management system and automatic call recording.

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