Insurance CRM

Insurance industry CRM helps agents, originators, services, and everybody in the insurance industry to sell to consumers and businesses and track all of the interactions on the Cloud. Free CRM can automate tracking of important customers, policies, claims, and more with our out of the box insurance templates which work for all kinds of consumer and business to business insurance industry needs. Whether you are an agent, underwriter, services provider, or other in the industry, we can help with affordable out of the box CRM solutions that integrate with your industry tools with our advanced API.

As the best CRM software for insurance agents, our customers take full advantage of our features to reach out to customers, prospects, and leads across multiple channels and build strong relationships. Our CRM process automation and workflows help everyone on the team stay efficient and maintain high-quality service to help customer support and service. Our insurance customer relationship management solution focuses on insurance brokers, insurance providers, and carriers' specific needs. You can organize all of your leads and claims, automate assignment routing, and ownership to the right person and manage billions of policies in a single system with an insurance CRM. We can license and integrate at the Enterprise level and hold down costs with fixed-prices instead of per user per month SaaS cloud pricing. It is essential to build strong relationships in the insurance industry as competition is fierce, and trust can be hard to come by. Both insurance agents and brokers need to use a multi-channel system that is automated and high touch to provide a tremendous contextual communication experience to resolve claims quickly. A CRM system can help the insurance business organize leads and prospects, track new opportunities, and automate tasks and projects to focus on addressing your customers' needs. Our omnichannel CRM is a powerful communications system that will ensure that you are ready to engage customers using email, phone calling chat, social media, and SMS messaging. A combined view of all of your past communications and notifications across web and mobile will enable your team to help close more deals and solve customer problems faster.

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