CRM Call Center

Call center CRM solutions by Free CRM automate all of your inbound and outbound calling needs in 90 countries worldwide. Get a virtual phone number and start creating your call center features straight out of the gate. Call center functions include operator routing, message on hold, voice mail messaging, auto-dialing, and predictive dialing features. We enable full call center functionality, such as predictive dialing, which requires an Enterprise version of our software. With our Cloud-based solutions, you can get many of these great features by just signing up and getting started right now. Out of the box, Free CRM works with the mobile phone number used to register. We have premium telephony options that let you get phone numbers for outbound phone calling and SMS. Our premium voice calling and SMS are priced per minute and per SMS with a per-country price. In the United States, voice calling is 4 cents $0.04 per min and 2 cents $0.02 per SMS message.

Not only can you click to call directly from the CRM, but you can record every call automatically. Each of your employees can use the CRM system to make calls and record them for sales process training and customer service. Our CRM provides real-time calling functions and also live video and group calling with a whiteboard. Our group video calling feature is new and included with every CRM account. Today, the most important sales tool is video conferencing on the Internet and we are providing a fully integrated group video calling system as a part of our CRM.

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