Automotive CRM

Automotive CRM helps your dealership build trust with customers and connect and maintain those customer connections. Our CRM solution is a great set of tools for automotive sales experts, service people, and can help your entire sales team. Free CRM helps with automotive lead management and helps your team turn more leads into sales in less time.

Cogmento automotive CRM is uniquely designed for the buying journey of car customers and includes customer service, sales, and marketing. Using our simple API, automotive dealers can integrate with their existing dealer management systems to streamline lead management, communication, transparency, and reporting. Using an automotive CRM can impact your bottom line and lead to record sales. Centralizing leads from all sources, walk-ins, website forms, third-party lead providers, ads, and all within the CRM.

Free automotive CRM software comes with a price, there are no free lunches and automotive CRM pricing can be very expensive. Auto CRM is a very affordable automotive CRM solution and is more feature rich and complete than competing products such as selly automotive, vinsolutions and dealersocket. Using a general CRM system for your automobile business is no easy task and a lot of customization is required but in the end you will have a superior automotive CRM that utilizes best practices for all dealer needs.

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Auto CRM

Sell smarter using the most intuitive and award-winning car dealer CRM in today’s market. Free CRM uses a blend of robust communication tools that empower dealerships to connect with consumers in a smarter way, thus keeping them engaged and informed throughout every facet of the customer journey – from beginning to end. With so many powerful tools in one system, managing your customers has never been so easy!


FreeCRM partners with Independent and BHPH dealers to give access to the largest, most powerful, and award-winning CRM platform in the automotive industry. Our fast, friendly and reliable CRM Flex manages the entire customer lifecycle – from lead generation and the sale to a customer retention strategy. We keep you connected to your customers throughout every facet of the journey to maximize every business opportunity.


We’re now able to offer a fully comprehensive CRM solution for independent car dealers. The web portal allows dealers to track leads and check up on statuses of customers throughout the selling process. Your recent activities list allows you to monitor each sales rep’s events such as tasks, appointments, and all other relevant analytics. Inside the portal, you’re even able to divvy up prospects by sales rep, date of lead, and status of lead. By monitoring all of these statistics, you’re able to make sure all prospects are being serviced.