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Convert leads into accounts faster with the world's #1 CRM software. Grow your customer base, find new ones, and close faster from anywhere. Quickly follow up on leads, identify key contacts, and more. See a comfortable, customizable view of all of the details of sales at the touch of a button. Manage your pipeline and speed up your sales team.


Support every customer on every channel everywhere. Personalize customer care, close cases faster, and deliver support everywhere. Collect and organize all of your support channels and customer information on a single page to quickly help customers — route questions to the right agent and allocate work based on availability & expertise.


Reach out and engage your clients and nurture relationships. Personalize your email marketing, engage with mobile and influential social network marketing. Enable non-marketers to inform, engage in marketing quickly, and sell to their consumers at scale. Personalize the message and speak to people in their journey.

Launch your Sales with CRM
Raise revenue and profit just by using a CRM system

Grow every part of your business, monitor and manage everything from sales leads to support tickets and channel marketing to email campaigns, all from any desktop or device using our cloud-based software. We have everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers. The power of a customer relationship management system is the ability to quickly identify a lead from a prospect or an existing customer. Free CRM software automates the tasks salespeople dislike and makes it easy for everyone. The best way to get started with CRM technology is to sign up and test it out on some of your data right now. Getting started with is easy if you have a CSV or Excel file with your leads or contacts; export from your existing system and then import into our CRM fast and easy.

Free CRM cloud software has completely transformed the way we manage our customer base and partners.
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Watch our CRM Video Tour and watch how easy it is to power up your sales and customer support with our simple cloud CRM software. Watch the video and then try it today at or contact our sales team for any questions you may have and schedule a demo. Find customers, close deals, and grow accounts faster. Shorten sales cycles by engaging every prospect and customer on their preferred channel, like a phone and email, at just the right time. Segmenting and filtering your data is easy; you can search on any field like a phone number or email address. Create specialized lists to call and email and promote your products or services. Our automated click-to-call VOIP CRM makes calling easy with a click, and everything is tracked and recorded in the CRM system. With, you can even get a unique phone number and send and receive SMS messages with targeted marketing campaigns fully integrated with the CRM.

CRM can increase your sales by 30% in 30 days

Free CRM Clients is the perfect solution for your business

Add as many employees as you wish to the CRM and automate your business like never before. Please take a closer look at what CRM is and how it helps find, win, and keep customers. Manage your sales pipeline and speed up your closing time with Free CRM. Interactions tracked in the CRM give you a bird's eye view, and deals are displayed on the dashboard for total visibility into everyone's progress and obstacles. Enterprise-level security and ongoing support to help you grow. Small businesses can grow faster with all of the tools to fill the sales pipeline through smarter marketing, improved sales productivity, and customer service.

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